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The central element which is being produced and finally distributed. This can be a film project (programme), a series, a part of a programme, some music, an image, or anything that can be found below the class 'Resource'. It can also be seen as the "idea" of something to be produced.


Instances of can have the following properties:

From class rdfs:Datatype The duration of something, i.e. a Scene, a piece of Music etc. - in milliseconds. xsd:long xsd:float owl:DatatypeProperty Budget in terms of money, aligned to a certain process. xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty The overall budget assigned to the production of a Business Object. xsd:double owl:DatatypeProperty Describes the content of a BusinessObject xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty A controlled keyword, taken from a dictionary, database, list etc. xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty The date when an asset or a Business Object has been archived. xsd:dateTime owl:DatatypeProperty The date something, e.g. a Business Object or an Asset, was created. xsd:dateTime owl:DatatypeProperty Holds the episode number of the BusinessObject. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty The date when a Business Object was aired the first time. xsd:dateTime owl:DatatypeProperty A logline is a very short piece of text which summarises the storyline of a movie, book etc. xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty Holds the part number of the Business Object. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty The date when the production of a Business object or a Media Asset has ended. xsd:dateTime owl:DatatypeProperty Describes when the production of a Business Object or Media Asset has started. xsd:dateTime owl:DatatypeProperty Holds a season number. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty Knappe Zusammenfassung des Plots eines zu analysierenden Romans oder eingesandten Skripts o.ä. Die Länge der Synopse ist nicht festgelegt; es kann sich um wenige Sätze handeln oder um mehrere Seiten. Als prägnante Kürzestformel von der Länge eines Satzes nennt man die Synopse eine log line. xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty Provides a simple tag. xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty A Topic is a well-defined subject something is covering, e.g. a Scene, a BusinessObject, an Episode, a Series etc. xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty The webpage / homepage of an Agent, a Service atc. xsd:string owl:ObjectProperty -- owl:ObjectProperty Describes that something has an Agent involved. owl:ObjectProperty This relation described the atmosphere the Business Object aims to create. owl:ObjectProperty The audience by which the Resource can be seen according to ratings like MPAA ( or other organisational / national / local standards. owl:ObjectProperty This relation indicates that a Business Object has been awarded. owl:ObjectProperty Links the Business Object to a controlled vocabulary. owl:ObjectProperty Links a Character to a Script or a RolePlay owl:ObjectProperty Defines the relation to a classification list. Classifyable things are i.e. Genre, Format, ScriptTpye etc. owl:ObjectProperty relates ConsumptionStatistics to a BusinessObject. owl:ObjectProperty Links a contract to a BO. owl:ObjectProperty Describes that a Character can wear a certain costume within an individual Take or Scene. owl:ObjectProperty A BO can have several episodes. owl:ObjectProperty This relation describes a specific Classification which describes the content format. owl:ObjectProperty This relation describes a specific Classification which describes the content type (genre). owl:ObjectProperty Defines the relation in between an Agent, BusinessObject or anything else that can have an Identifier, towards this Identifier owl:ObjectProperty Indicates that a Scene, a BusinessObject, a Department, an Artefact etc. has a Location involved. owl:ObjectProperty the link from the BO to the master. owl:ObjectProperty Describes that something can contain Music. owl:ObjectProperty This relation describes the parental guidance applied to the Business Object. owl:ObjectProperty A Business Object can have several parts. owl:ObjectProperty Describes that a Scene or a RolePlay can have props. owl:ObjectProperty This relation defines the publication of a Business Object via any PublicationChannel, maybe within a PublicationPlan. owl:ObjectProperty Provides the publishing Agent of a BusinessObject. owl:Thing owl:ObjectProperty This relation describes what type of related material is being referenced (a website, an image etc.) owl:ObjectProperty A Business Object (e.g. a news programme) can contain several reports. owl:ObjectProperty Links the rights to a given Contract. owl:ObjectProperty A Business Object can have a script owl:ObjectProperty A Business Object can contain several sequences. owl:ObjectProperty Specifies the type of a sequence, e.g. intro, credits owl:ObjectProperty The relation identifying that something has a Timecode (a BO, a Scene etc.) owl:ObjectProperty Describes that a BO or a master can have a timeline. owl:ObjectProperty Describes that works can have a title. owl:ObjectProperty Indicates that a Topic is linked to this. owl:Thing owl:ObjectProperty --
From class owl:Thing
Fowl:equivalentClass owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
Fowl:equivalentProperty owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
dc:creator owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
dc:description owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
dc:source owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing owl:DatatypeProperty Height of the camera sensor in millimeter. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty Camera sensor height in millimeter. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:ObjectProperty The relation describes the concrete connection to a value list with functions. owl:ObjectProperty Links a Person to its names e.g. Family Name, Pseudonym owl:DatatypeProperty Focal length of a lens in millimeter. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty Describes the distortion of the image through the lens, e.g. Metric, Cinemascope, Square. xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty -- xsd:float owl:DatatypeProperty The density value of a used neutral density filter (ND Filter). xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty The type of a ND Filter xsd:string
skos:altLabel owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:changeNote owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:comment owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:editorialNote owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:hiddenLabel owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:prefLabel owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing


@prefix : <> .
@prefix Fowl: <> .
@prefix dc: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix sh: <> .
@prefix skos: <> .
@prefix vann: <> .
@prefix void: <> .
@prefix xml: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .

<> a owl:Class ;
    rdfs:label "BusinessObject"@en ;
    Fowl:equivalentClass <>,
        <> ;
    dc:creator "transfermedia",
        "IRT"@en ;
    dc:description """Zentrales Element, das von einem Prozessschritt zum nächsten gereicht wird und dabei durch neue Beziehungen um weitere Informationen erweitert wird. Das kann eine Sendung, ein Beitrag, eine Serie o.ä. sein.
Man könnte es auch als "die IDEE", "das Konzept" o.ä.  bezeichnet werden."""@de,
        "The central element which is being produced and finally distributed. This can be a film project (programme), a series, a part of a programme, some music, an image, or anything that can be found below the class 'Resource'. It can also be seen as the \"idea\" of something to be produced."@en ;
    rdfs:seeAlso <> ;
    rdfs:subClassOf owl:Thing ;
    skos:altLabel "Filmprojekt"@de,
        "business object"@en .