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Authority to dispose of, use or sell an object


Instances of can have the following properties:

From class owl:DatatypeProperty determines whether a right permits a use to make a profit or not xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty defines the channel of distribution (e.g. cinema, VOD, TV...) xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty determines whether a licensor has the sole right of use or not xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty Day on which a period ends xsd:dateTime owl:DatatypeProperty Day on which a period starts xsd:dateTime owl:DatatypeProperty A list of typical types of rights that are arise or transferred during the production and distribution of works protected by copyright xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty List of countries in the world (ISO) xsd:string owl:ObjectProperty Specifies that rights have been granted by a certain Agent. owl:ObjectProperty Specifies that certain rights have been granted for a given BusinessObject. owl:ObjectProperty Describes that rights are being granted to an Agent. owl:ObjectProperty Describes that a transferred right may not be used for a specific period of time. owl:ObjectProperty Specifies that granted rights can have several types, as defined in a classification scheme. owl:ObjectProperty Describes that the subject of a contract is rights.
From class owl:Thing
Fowl:equivalentClass owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
Fowl:equivalentProperty owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
dc:creator owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
dc:description owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
dc:source owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing owl:DatatypeProperty Height of the camera sensor in millimeter. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty Camera sensor height in millimeter. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:ObjectProperty The relation describes the concrete connection to a value list with functions. owl:ObjectProperty Links a Person to its names e.g. Family Name, Pseudonym owl:DatatypeProperty Focal length of a lens in millimeter. xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty Describes the distortion of the image through the lens, e.g. Metric, Cinemascope, Square. xsd:string owl:DatatypeProperty -- xsd:float owl:DatatypeProperty The density value of a used neutral density filter (ND Filter). xsd:nonNegativeInteger owl:DatatypeProperty The type of a ND Filter xsd:string
skos:altLabel owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:changeNote owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:comment owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:editorialNote owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:hiddenLabel owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing
skos:prefLabel owl:AnnotationProperty -- owl:Thing


@prefix : <> .
@prefix Fowl: <> .
@prefix dc: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix sh: <> .
@prefix skos: <> .
@prefix vann: <> .
@prefix void: <> .
@prefix xml: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .

<> a owl:Class ;
    rdfs:label "Right"@en ;
    Fowl:equivalentClass <> ;
    dc:creator "filmwerte"@en ;
    dc:description "Befugnis, über ein Objekt zu verfügen, es zu nutzen oder zu veräußern"@de,
        "Authority to dispose of, use or sell an object"@en ;
    skos:altLabel "Recht"@de ;
    skos:editorialNote <> .